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Drive Smart Reviews


Drive Smart

Attentive, knowledgeable and supportive instructor. In just over two hours of training Shofiq taught me everything I needed to pass the test. He worked on my weaknesses in a way that I could pass the test first time. It was lovely to chat with him too. I recommend him to anyone who wish to be a confident driver.

Matt Izadi

Drive Smart

Thanks to Nurul, I passed within a week. No word of a lie FANTASTIC instructor I would reccomend, very helpful, very attentive, never shouts always makes you understand, very happy with the service .

Yunus Miah

Drive Smart

Best instructor learnt a lot with the few lesson I had taken with him where as with my old instructor was taking lessons from him for a year and didn’t learn anything. Built my confidence in driving and just amazed as to how easy and quickly he has taught me everything. Very patient and like the way his teaching skills are when something is not understood, very good at explaining and does not get angry or shout when mistakes are made. Would definitely recommend.

Shamima Yasmin

Drive Smart

Shofiq gave me 3 refresher drivers lessons recently. I hadn’t been behind the wheel for 8 years, so I was quite rusty. But after my lessons with Shofiq I now feel confident and am able to drive. I really appreciated his ability to adjust his teaching style to my circumstances as a previously experienced driver. He was really good at prioritising the key topics, communicating them clearly and then repeatedly testing them in a no-pressure environment. I really enjoyed my lessons and had a lot of fun, and would recommend him to any driver needing to refresh their skills. Thanks Shofiq!

Matthew Smith

Drive Smart

The lessons were very professional and I felt that there was a clear learning path with each lesson, building on my confidence and driving capability. I would highly recommend Nurul as an instructor who has supported me in passing my driving test on my first attempt!

Fahima Begum

Drive Smart

Thanks to Nurul Islam I managed to build my confidence where I have previously failed. He had brilliant knowledge and his teaching techniques were unique and delivered passionately. He was very patient and every lesson was an absolute joy. I would recommend all to learn from Drive Smart wether you are a beginner or currently struggling in your driving school.

Thank you.

Aminul Haque

Drive Smart

Amazing instructor who made me come out of my comfort zone and made me confident enough to pass my test first time around

Shahmina miah

Drive Smart

Shafiq is a dedicated and sincere person. He teach me everything step by step. His teaching method helped me a lot to pass the exam in first attempt. I would highly recommend him specifically people like me who had no previous experience of driving any vehicle. Moreover he is very FLEXIBLE always managed to allocate time according to my needs.

Rubaiyat Shaharin Moin

Drive Smart

My driving instructor, Nurul Islam, was recommended by both friends and family. He is an excellent instructor who teaches you in depth. I especially love the fact that he kept making me practice what I was weak at repeatedly until I got it perfect. For example, I was quite weak with roundabouts and he made me perfect it. I passed with Nurul and couldn’t have done it without him. I recommend him to everyone who is looking to do lessons.

Shayeeb Ali

Drive Smart

Shafiq bhai was a great instructor that I could ever hope for. He guided me throughtout my driving practice and gave me improvements and motivation to work upon them. Through his guidance, feedback and intructions I was able to pass my pactical exam that I was extremley worried about. Again thank you very much for your great help.

Fatima Ahtasham

Drive Smart

My instructor is the best around very informative he makes sure you are 100% ready before the test. Shaf is friendly and reliable guy, I will always recommend him

gulam kibria Choudhury

Drive Smart

Amazingg big thank you to my driving instructor Shofiq made me feel absolutely comfortable lovely to chat too. I would recommend anyone that is looking for an instructor that will make you pass the test go with Shofiq and have a great journey and learn fast definitely go with Shofiq thank me later.

Heba El Dahab

Drive Smart

I have taken lessons with Nurul Islam through “smart drive”. I started off quite nervous but Nurul has helped me overcome this and I feel a lot more confident on the road now. He was very supportive and patient which I believe this is a necessary quality for an instructor to have. If there was anything I felt that needed further work, he was always happy to provide the extra time. I highly recommend Nurul as driving instruction.

Rejaul Islam

Drive Smart

Drive Smart is one of the best driving school in my experience. I have used other driving school and all I can say is most just look at how many lesson you want to take but not caring out how to help you to pass the driving test. If you want to pass and save time and money, then go with this driving school.

Abdul Miah

Drive Smart

Nurul has excellent knowledge on the roads and the rules. Because of that knowledge, he is able to provide a comprehensive explanation with a logical rational for every question one may have. He is able to guage how much and what sort of training needs to be provided to an individual and thereby adapts the style suited to a specific individual. Is honest with his feedback and will recommend someone to appear for the test when he is 99% confident on passing. Picks you up from your choice of location and drops you. Always punctual. Definitely recommended for the right guidance and making one ready for passing the practical test.

Rohan Thakkar

Drive Smart

I was very pleased to have passed my test comfortably thanks to Shofiq. His excellent method of teaching not only ensured that I could be good enough to pass the driving test, but also allowed me to become a confident driver on the road. He was also very calm and supportive through and through.
I would highly recommend Shofiq to anyone who is looking for an experienced driving instructor.

Tom Vu

Drive Smart

Great instructor who listens. I already knew how to drive from long time ago but I had weaknesses, bad habits and fears about roundabouts. I told him this right at the beginning. He advised me will over come them. First thing we focused on was roundabouts going in and out sometimes going round and round just to feel confident inside the roundabout also to lose the fear. It worked. My fear eventually subsided. I took most of my lessons in goodmayes so I get familiarise to the area and get to know any tricky situations of the roads. Which did help a lot because some road markings are very confusing and tricky. It also helped with my confident in that area. I could see he was determined to see me pass. You just know with instructor’s some really dont care if you pass or fail long as you take lesson with them. This i have learnt from previous instructors. Some instructors are so busy that they are unable to give you lessons but keep you hanging, Giving you lessons here and there. This guy gave me all the lessons I wanted and needed. I’m so happy that I passed all that stress I had is gone. That’s one big thing for me out of the way.

Moslu Miah

Drive Smart

Needless to say, Shofiq is a great driving instructor who helped me build my confidence around the UK roads, especially around the test centre area, in the most supportive and effective way.

But more impressive than his driving instruction and knowledge of the test requirements, was his utmost commitment to help me pass the driving test – including taking time off his personal time to arrange extra practice sessions for me on his off-days when I needed them, and even delaying upgrading his car until I’ve passed the test (so that I can take the test in the same familiar car that I’ve been practicing in). In fact, I would go as far to say that he was even more invested in me passing the test than I was myself, and he seemed even happier than I was when I eventually did!

In a nutshell, he treats his learners as his friends whom he genuinely wants to help, rather than just another part of his job.

D. Jung