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Drive Smart

Needless to say, Shofiq is a great driving instructor who helped me build my confidence around the UK roads, especially around the test centre area, in the most supportive and effective way.

But more impressive than his driving instruction and knowledge of the test requirements, was his utmost commitment to help me pass the driving test – including taking time off his personal time to arrange extra practice sessions for me on his off-days when I needed them, and even delaying upgrading his car until I’ve passed the test (so that I can take the test in the same familiar car that I’ve been practicing in). In fact, I would go as far to say that he was even more invested in me passing the test than I was myself, and he seemed even happier than I was when I eventually did!

In a nutshell, he treats his learners as his friends whom he genuinely wants to help, rather than just another part of his job.