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Drive Smart

Great instructor who listens. I already knew how to drive from long time ago but I had weaknesses, bad habits and fears about roundabouts. I told him this right at the beginning. He advised me will over come them. First thing we focused on was roundabouts going in and out sometimes going round and round just to feel confident inside the roundabout also to lose the fear. It worked. My fear eventually subsided. I took most of my lessons in goodmayes so I get familiarise to the area and get to know any tricky situations of the roads. Which did help a lot because some road markings are very confusing and tricky. It also helped with my confident in that area. I could see he was determined to see me pass. You just know with instructor’s some really dont care if you pass or fail long as you take lesson with them. This i have learnt from previous instructors. Some instructors are so busy that they are unable to give you lessons but keep you hanging, Giving you lessons here and there. This guy gave me all the lessons I wanted and needed. I’m so happy that I passed all that stress I had is gone. That’s one big thing for me out of the way.